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The Future is Urban!

In the last census, nearly every city in the state of New Jersey had positive population growth. Hoboken picked up over 15,000 residents alone. Clearly, the shift back to the cities is nothing new. In cities like Hoboken, Jersey City and New Brunswick, its started back in the 1970’s. But what we are now seeing is much more than pockets of “brownstoners” and urban pioneers. Vishaan  Chakrabarti has called this ” a reordering” and if it continues it will have a dramatic impact on nearly every facet of our life. On Wednesday, April 23rd Vishaan will be the guest of ULI, GRID Real Estate and St. Peter’s University to discuss his new book, “A Country of Cities”. Understanding this urban dynamic is critical to many of the development and investment decisions we make today. I hope you can make time to attend this presentation. Below is Vishaan’s piece that was in the Times.  Take a minute to read it.

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