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Much of Jersey City’s progress over the past few decades can be attributed to future-thinking developers undertaking ambitious, transformative projects which in turn leads to more development and attracts new residents.

It started in the mid-1980s when LeFrak set its sight on a stretch of Jersey City waterfront that would become Newport. Since then, not only Newport but Downtown Jersey City as a whole has been transformed into a bustling community as countless developers found success following LeFrak’s lead.

Next came Journal Square. The former heart of Jersey City, Journal Square had fallen on tough times. For years, local officials and real estate speculators touted the promise of returning Journal Square to its former glory. However, it wasn’t until KRE Group broke ground on the first Journal Squared tower in 2016 that those promises began to manifest. Now, only a few years later, the area is seeing what is likely the largest development boom in the entire state.

While Journal Square rises, a new visionary plan is currently in pre-development planning within a different Jersey City neighborhood that will, like Newport and Journal Squared, act as a beacon for Jersey City’s West Side neighborhood.

Called Westview, the project is led by Bushburg, a developer that specializes in transformative projects in emerging markets. With extensive experience in adaptive reuse projects throughout New York, New Jersey, and Florida, Bushburg is confident in their ability to turn this former industrial area into Westview – a multi-phase development project featuring three mixed-use, high-rise structures harmoniously blending commerce and residential living.

Westview is planned for a series of lots in Jersey City’s West Side neighborhood. Spanning roughly 8.29 acres, the irregular shaped parcel touches the streets of Route 440, Culver Avenue, Mallory Avenue, Pollack Avenue, Claremont Avenue, and Water Street. Currently, the land is mostly vacant while one parcel contains an existing building.

Due to the irregular shape of the parcels as well as its mixed zoning, Bushburg tapped leading land use planners Dresdner Robin to create the vision for Westview. Dresdner Robin has extensive experience in Jersey City as land use advisors on projects such as Journal Squared, Berry Lane Park, NJCU’s Performing Arts Center, 99 Hudson, and many more…

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