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Historically, the real estate business witnesses a never-ending cycle of growth, followed closely by corrections and downturns in a market where fortunes are made and lost. Shifting market conditions and emerging markets are a source of great opportunity for both selling existing assets and purchasing new ones. Grid Real Estate works with clients in strategically evaluating their real estate positions and plans, with an eye on market conditions, growth in the local market and future potential for the property or site.

Grid Real Estate has assisted a wide cross section of clients, from landlord and tenant, individual’s and LLC’s, governmental entities, colleges, universities and non-profits to sort out the complex business of commercial real estate transactions and development projects. Grid can provide expertise in the critical predevelopment stage by providing feasibility analysis, planning and entitlement issues and team coordination.

Purchasing and selling land & redevelopment opportunities

Long gone are the days when a seller and a buyer could shake hands on a sale of a property and proceed to a closing based on original assumptions. Today, myriad issues must be addressed before a closing can proceed.  Zoning, entitlement and environmental issues have all become major challenges to moving a transaction forward. The land and redevelopment team at Grid Real Estate has worked through these issues on behalf of clients to deliver sound advice and successful strategies for both land and development sales and acquisitions of new opportunities for development and community redevelopment.

We provide value-driven brokerage and aggressive negotiations for our clients, based on decades of real experience representing individuals, Fortune 500 clients and governmental intuitions.


  • Traditional real estate brokerage for development sites and investment properties, with a focus on redevelopment and infill projects in both an urban and suburban setting.
  • Representation of both buyers and sellers of improved and unimproved land.
  • Developing and implementing site assemblage and redevelopment packaging and aggregation strategies.
  • Developing and implementing site assemblage and redevelopment packaging and aggregation strategies.
  • Providing key market, development trends and demographic information, zoning concerns and environmental issues to fully maximize the value of the site during disposition and acquisition.
  • Connecting the dots in the market place and showing the synergies of the development process to enhance the site’s value.
  • Zoning based constraints and assessing the highest and best use with an eye toward value enhancement, through zoning changes and smart growth practices.
  • Developing realistic marketing strategies to reach active and qualified developers and investors to facilitate sales and acquisitions.
  • Active involvement with the brokerage community to provide wide exposure to the site and opportunity.


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